Q. How many tip attached?

One tip is combine for each rod purchased.

Q.How variation of tips?

I’ ll propose the perfect specifications for you. And completely made to order tip(s).

Q.Would you make grip longer than normal model?

If you need long grip, please pay optional cost 3,000 JPY.

Q. How long days from order to deliver?

You will need a week If I have stock products (Depends on the status of the carrier and distribution conditions).
However, when I making rod(s), you may take about 1-6 month(s).

Q. Which is the best choice model for the first NSR?

There are many different location and condition about raft fishing.
I will propose you the best model with hear your home ground location, using fishing line thickness, target (size, type), your style.

Q. Why NSR is expensive?

I cannot make many rods like a manufacturing factory. Because I need many many steps and tasks for an NSR rod and need to spend days.