How to order

Purchase from Hong Kong

1.Please fill in your order details by e-mail form

For inquiries and orders, please use the email form.
(ISSEN products are not in service at NSR for Japan bland pages.)

We propose a model that suits the location and fishing method used, the thickness of the line used, and the taste. Once the specifications have been decided by the previous arrangement, please transfer money to the designated account in Japanese Yen. We received confirming payment, we will start production. Once completed, it will be shipped by EMS (JP International Speed Mail(日本郵便)).

If you use the mail form, please select the language you can support, either English or Japanese, or both, fill in the desired product and quantity and send it.

2.You will receive a reception confirmation automatic e-mail.

The reception confirmation email is sent from the reply bot. We are unable to respond to this address, so if you have any further inquiries, please use the email form again, or use the email address of the person in charge who will be notified later.

3.We will arrange a meeting, confirm the contents of the specification decision, and inform you of the payment destination and the estimated delivery date.

We will propose a model that suits the location and fishing method used in the email meeting, the thickness of the line used, and your preference. In particular, we will work on making the ears optimally one by one and checking the total balance one by one.

Once the specifications are decided by a meeting, we will send you an e-mail confirming your order details, receiving payment, scheduled delivery date, and notes. Please be sure to read it. Please contact us again if you have any questions or requests.

4.Please make a payment. After payment, we will inform you of the estimated delivery date.

Please make a payment to the transfer destination specified in the email sent in section 3. Transfers will be made in Japanese Yen to the designated account. We are very sorry for bank transfer, but please pay the transfer fee and exchange fee.

5.Ship as soon as it is ready.

It will be delivered by EMS (Japan Post International Speed Mail). Also, please pay the shipping cost. (The shipping cost is also included in the invoice notified in step 3. Please transfer the total amount)

6.Confirmation after arrival

When the product arrives, please check the contents. If there is any problem or difference, please contact us by e-mail within 7 days from the date of delivery.

7.Let’ s fishing!

Enjoy NSR’s best feeling and exciting fishing.