NSR masterpiece ASRA has evolved further.
One answer, MAX.

The NSR ASRA series has been loved by experts all over Japan. This ASRA is fully evolved and appears as the first model of ISSEN brand.
The actual fishing performance and presence required as a rod bearing the ASRA name were carefully trained by repeating the longest and most tests in NSR history.

Its name is MAX. We will deliver with confidence that the potential that has never been compromised and has been raised to the limit is the finish that fits the name of MAX.

1."The tip of the soul" with the highest level of sensitivity in the world

The tips are completely made to order, and each one is handmade by Nishida Tetsuya himself.
We will listen carefully to our customers’ preferences, fishing methods, characteristics of the home ground, and the size of chinu fish that they often catch, and carefully finish while looking at the overall balance. A man who knows all about raft fishing will make the best tip for you for you.

Also, the tips of ISSEN are painted in bright yellow, which has high visibility like the NSR brand.
We call this the “yellow top” and this is one of the important features of the rod made by Nishida Tetsuya.
It looks bright even in the dim light before and after sunrise, and maintains high visibility throughout the day due to the deep blue-green color of the sea surface and the opposite color during the day.

2.Bend curve that realized the ideal

The butt and berry parts, which have been independently developed from many years of experience, are designed to always exhibit optimum elasticity when hook up a fish. As you can see in the video, the ISSEN ASRA MAX produces the “necessary power” of the entire rod more than any other rod.

In the world of the raft, which is designed to be stiff like a stick, or is too soft to withstand the power of big ones, in the world of a raft, all parts are closely linked to the base of the bat, supple and strong. Pursuing a sticky original design theory. The length of the part in front of the grip contributes to the work of responding to the power of the fish, and it exhibits unrivaled tenacity for the “striking” peculiar to Chinu and plunging into the feet.

The angler’s instinct appeals to usability and comfort that cannot be represented by the numerical values ​​of the bend design aged by this theory.

3.Lightweight feeling design with low weight

The ISSEN ASRA MAX uses a lightweight and highly sensitive tubular model that was not possible with conventional glass rods.
In addition, we have made many small ingenuities and adjustments that cannot be fully explained here, and maximize the angler’s performance without the weight of actual fishing.
This will allow you to experience the overwhelming difference that cannot be achieved by simply reducing the weight.

4.Grip derived from a wealth of actual fishing experience

The grip is an important part that is the only contact between the hand and the rod. A blank-touch TVS is adopted to increase the sensitivity transmitted to the hand.
The overall design is slim, with an emphasis on the convenience of delicate spool operation with the index finger, but it is not only slim, but also has a diameter and shape that gives a firm grip even if a large fish suddenly hits and has a high grip.

5.Styling that does not yield to the highest quality

ISSEN considers all designs and styling based on a consistent design philosophy.
ASRA MAX is no exception. The best design is not a design to add, but a design to pull.
The rod is packed with the idea of ​​product design that the shape with the best fishing performance, easy handling, and functionality is the most beautiful.

All anglers who use us ISSEN don’t fall in love with old ideas, styles and masquerade styles. The styling that embodies it is simple. Even if it isn’t cheated with extra decoration, it has a subtle design that gives a high sense of realism when picked up.

It is the identity inherited by NSR and ISSEN that expresses the presence that suits adults’ proud anglers.

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