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Finally released. Let’s obtain the world’s highest level of tips that Nishida Tetsuya made, an original blanks design that maximizes the power of the rod, and overwhelming actual fishing performance.

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NSR has produced many legends in the Japanese raft fishing world. Each one is made by Nishida Tetsuya according to each customer’s fishing method.

At NSR, we have launched the ISSEN brand as a global brand so that you can enjoy more raft fishing, which is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. First of all, we will provide a rod suitable for raft fishing in Hong Kong as a step.

From one 100,000 yen (≈7200HKD). There is a reason for the high price.

At ISSEN, Nishida Tetsuya has been raft-fishing for over 30 years, and it has been known for being the pinnacle of making rods suitable for the region, environment and purpose.

ISSEN’s optimized tips one by one ensure that you never miss a fish contact. In addition, the power of the fish is received by the entire rod so that you can enjoy the flavor without letting the fish run wild. But this rod is by no means “soft”. In general, there are many raft rods that have been hardened and hardened by the Moto-sao (butt), but ISSEN’s unique design maximizes rod power by linking the belly and butt firmly. Because it is a short rod, the longest possible range of its total length is designed to function as a suspension depending on the power of the fish.

In other words, it is the reason that the Japanese experts have supported the delicate balance of the delicate tip and the carefully designed rod body.

A simple and stylish design is also an important point of ISSEN. As with traditional Japanese crafts, good tools have styling that does not interfere with functionality. The high-quality details that only the owner has will make you feel better.

ISSEN is a rod that can be finished by spending enormous amount of time by repeatedly pouring experience and technology into each one, repeating manual work and fine adjustment for you.

Beautiful and strong. This is ISSEN’s rod making.


The changes that ISSEN brings to you

“One flash「一閃」” (Beautiful and powerful like a momentary light)
“One game「一戦」” (one serious game)
“One line「一線」” (being the front line, being excel than others)

With ISSEN in hand, you will surely become such a real angler.

ISSEN embodies an underwater image that has never been seen, and never misses a fish contact even for a moment. By receiving the power of the fish as a whole, it is possible to enjoy the taste of the fish without making it violent compared to other raft rods.

Why ISSEN (NSR) is selected?

1. Tetsuya Nishida tunes the chip and total balance one by one

2. Design backed by theory and experience

3. Actual fishing performance that makes a difference when called

NSR, the root of ISSEN, was born from pursuing the ideal rod based on many years of fishing experience in chinu fishing. As an example, all tips are handmade by Nishida himself for uncompromising production.

Although we did not do any major advertising activities, it became popular with phishing clubs and SNS, and sales from users began.

Especially, even in the most popular raft fishing in Hong Kong in recent years, the ISSEN rod has created encounters with fish so far and will surely be appreciated by raft fishing fans in Hong Kong.

All for the moment you meet the best one. A Hong Kong-designed rod will be born soon.

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